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Firstly, please accept my apologies for the rather obvious pun on the release this week of the new 2017 Rooster design gold and silver products. I just couldn’t resist it. Hopefully the blog doesn’t veer too far from the title. The point is, if (or when), will the gold and silver price “come home to Roost”.

As always, international financial uncertainty impacts the price of gold, one way or another. All we can do is watch and wait, ready to buy whenever we think we should. There are always a lot of factors that can cause the prices of gold and silver to move, this month there are 3 that stand out for us, so far.

For a small town guy like me, the big city lights still hold that bit of excitement every time I visit. Whether it’s London, Paris, Berlin or Hong Kong there is that feeling of rushing around which gets the adrenalin flowing.

When it comes to purchasing physical gold & silver, investors will not only want to ensure they buy from an established, reputable dealer; they will also want to find the best price available. But how can you make sure you are getting the best, competitive price for gold and silver?

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