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There must be an old Chinese proverb which goes something like this.   When a small stone is thrown into a still pool, the first small ripple may end up as a large wave?   You think so? Well for the purpose of this blog we will use it anyway.   Some short time ago the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) was set up to allow the Chinese to set their own Yuan denominated gold fix price.

As the price of gold continues to recover after the flash crash debacle, I’d like to introduce you to someone …. Mr Hypothetical and let’s take look at his investment in gold, which he made on January the 4th 2016, on the AM fix, at £725 per ounce.

We have seen the value of the pound strengthen slightly over the last few days and as we look ahead, we have a week filled with some quite big economic reports from banks and companies alike.

Well that was a week that was. There certainly weren’t any indications of what was to come, the week started off in a rather subdued manor. Gold and Silver in GBP and USD were looking a little weaker but not as volatile as the week would play out.

There’s been speculation over the past week, that some billionaires in Switzerland have been storing their bullion in underground bunkers, hidden in the Swiss Alps.

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