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There has been some fear in certain circles, that India could be looking at an import ban on gold. There rumours come about following the demonetisation of the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes, as India’s currency weakens against the dollar, their economy is arguably coming to a standstill and amidst increasing social unrest.

We all know 2016 has been quite a tumultuous year, from Brexit to Trump, the last few months have been eventful across the globe and each change to the political landscape impacts the way people buy and sell gold and silver.

With one click of a button, a major Central Bank temporarily demolished the gold price on Friday, at a time when no one expected this to happen. In what is being reported as a single transaction for the sale of 85,000 future contracts, which may have been worth as much as 10 Billion US Dollars, this entity decided that for whatever reason it was making a sale.

The votes for the US election will be cast on the 8th of November (that’s tomorrow!) and the result will no doubt have wide reaching effects for the world economy and not forgetting our all-important golden eggs in the form of our safe-haven investments in gold and silver.

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