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We are often asked about the future. Something we don’t have any more idea about than the next man. Often a client’s first question is, “What’s going to happen to the price of gold and silver?”

The latest Brexit rumours seem to involve the Government stockpiling medicines just in case we get a NO Deal Brexit and we fall unceremoniously out of the EU, and all the regulations and customs applications which go with it. The truth is, we will never know unless someone in the Government were to confirm this. There’s not much chance of that, as this would be a major signal to start all us members of the public thinking about what we could stockpile for that “just in case” moment?

Coins or Bars? This is a frequently asked question of us, particularly by new clients who have little or no experience of which product they should buy. There is a balanced argument for either coins or bars, but we shall try here to lay out some of the factors that can influence your decisions.

All of the coins below are or have been available on our website. Can you see the subliminal message?

It may have come to your attention in these parts that I like to take the contrarian view of things most of the time. No, I don’t think the world is flat, but I do think there may a better way of doings things sometimes than the way everyone seems to proceed.

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