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As far as I can remember when Rabbie Burns wrote about a wee beastie he was referring to a Mouse.

The ‘Wee, sleekit, cowran, tim’rous beastie’, he referred to was a small delicate beast which roamed through the fields of golden corn around his part of the world.

The beast we are talking about today could not be more different.

The Black Bull of Clarence

Today marks the launch of the next “Beast” coin in the Royal Mints series of the same name.

The Black Bull of Clarence arrives for pre-order today. The fifth coin in the series is a striking portrait of the Bull in a polished finish over the radial line background making the bull itself stand out strongly. The Bull holds the shield with the Royal Coat of Arms in one of its hoofs.

The Black Bull of Clarence coin is available in 2oz Silver, ¼oz Gold and 1oz Gold versions.

Half Way There!

This historical beast gets us to half way in the release of the coins in this series and if previous releases are anything to go by then they will be flying out the door just the same.

You may well have noticed that the early coins the Lion and the Griffin are already holding a substantial premium over their launch prices.

This very successful bullion series of coins from the Royal Mint has been well received across the world and we have no reason to think that the new “Bull” coin will be any different.

Still Want More?

This coin is the latest release in The Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beasts Collection. The Black Bull of Clarence is inspired by the bull as an ancient symbol of both power and identity.

Each coin features fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and the monetary denomination of the coin. Both the obverse and reverse are designed by British Coin Designer Jody Clark, creator of the latest definitive portrait of The Queen on UK coinage.

The Black Bull of Clarence One Ounce Fine Gold Bullion Coin, features another original design by acclaimed coin designer Jody Clark.

What’s Next

This range of coins takes its inspiration from hundreds of years of British royal heraldry, with each of the 10 coins depicting one of the Queen’s Beasts; beginning with the Lion of England in 2016 and ending with The White Greyhound of Richmond in 2021.

Later in the Year we will look forward to the release of the 2019 The Falcon of the Plantagenets, which will be the sixth release in the series!

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