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In times gone by, people thought that the world was flat. There was an edge that we could somehow sail to, and just, well, fall off.

This thought was of course disproved and explored by brave sailors who just kept going until they eventually came home again. The world today may well be looking flat, but in a slightly different way.

The World

The USA is closed for President’s Day Holiday, The Australians also have holiday today and our Chinese friends and colleagues are having their annual well earned rest to celebrate Chinese New Year in the Year of the Dog.

Even here most of the kids are on half term, I only know this now as my journey to the office was so much easier this morning!

What worries us most is that the precious metals market seems a little flat. Nothing seems to make the price of gold move with any urgency these days.

So, we may all be feeling a little flat, to match the way may once thought of the earth. But keep in mind, ‘the earth is flat’ school of thought was proved wrong…

 We Need Action!

Well let’s not be too hasty in our demands. In these parts, we like it most when the price of gold and silver appreciate at rather more steady rates. None of this rushing around for us, just a slight upward trend will do us fine.

We don’t need world wars, or Israel shooting down planes over other countries; we are happy without massive geopolitical nuances interfering in our world. Steady as she goes, as those intrepid sailors may have shouted from the decks of their galleons.

Slow & Steady

We like a modest appreciation in the price of precious metals. It may well be a little more exciting when the price of gold and silver jump around a bit and it does actually make us busier when it comes to the sales of the gold and silver coins and bars, but, it is the appreciation of price over a much longer term that we are looking for.

This is no short-term game, unless you are extremely lucky and are looking to gamble, rather than invest…


I came across a great chart this week which lays things out for us and tells everyone our philosophy in one simple view. Just look at this chart and see what can happen over 18 years or so, this gives some idea of medium to long-term investing.

USD Gold Price Feb 2000-2018

Sure, there are some ups and even a big down, but look where we started at $281, and where we are today at $1,348, that’s up 380%...

One thing is for certain, gold is not flat.

Kung Hey Fat Choi/ Happy New Year

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2 Comment(s)

I appreciate your financial analysis, but given the growing evidence for space travel being faked and the Earth ACTUALLY looking to be flat (if not a very obvious lack of curvature being shown by amateurs with telescopes and Nikon P900's), maybe don't mix the two in the future!!

Flat Earth was certainly NOT disproved by sailors returning home by keeping going - this also happens with a 'dinner plate' earth with north at the centre. If one navigates east or west, you will do a full circuit of that plate, since north on a compass is always pointing to the centre.

Very best wishes from the flat earth :-)
When there is some one on the end of these naked shorts you watch the explosion on gold and silver prices.

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