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As 2016 draws to a close and the new year edges in, various mints have already begun to release the 2017 bullion coins. Whether you are a collector or an investor, coin enthusiasts know that the new year equals new coins, and we thought we’d look at some of the coins that 2017 already has to offer.

As 2016 draws to a close and 2017 edges in, mints across the globe have already begun to release the 2017 silver bullion coins. Whether collector or investor, a new year means new coins and we are pleased to show you some of the new coins for the coming year that are already available.

2016 is going down in history as genuinely life changing for many of us. We all have our personal thoughts on 2016 but here we speak only about the world events, the effect on the price, and demand for gold and silver bullion and coins.

Whether you’re religious or not, most of must know the story of the Three Kings that travelled to the Stable in Bethlehem, bearing gifts of Frankincense, an aromatic gum resin used in perfumes, Myrrh another aromatic resin, and of course, Gold… we all know what that is.

We all know the gold price has taken a tumble since the US Election, but let us not forget we saw a drop at the end of 2015. The last Fix of 2015 saw gold at £716, versus highs of £863 for the year.

The 2017 sovereign coin is expected to be highly sought after. 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the flagship coin from The Royal Mint; the modern Full Sovereign Gold Coin.

In the past, some Islamic investors may have shied away from investing in gold, this was down to reportedly conflicting religious laws around gold investment advice. One of these reported disputes with the current law, revolves around different interpretations of which products are acceptable to purchase under Sharia law. The new Sharia gold standard should make this easier.

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