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The first ever one-ounce bullion coin was produced, in gold, by the South Africans in 1967.

The Krugerrand was born.

Since then, the Krugerrand has gone on to be the world’s best-selling gold coin of all time. More popular in some countries than others, it has however maintained its top place in any conversation about methods of investing in physical gold bullion.

Before this you could only buy a one-ounce gold bar. No round version of a one-ounce gold coin existed.

The 2018 Silver Krugerrand

This week we are able to put on sale, for the first time ever, the new 2018 Bullion version of this most famous of coins in silver. The 1-ounce silver bullion Krugerrand is born.

In 2017, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the birth of the Krugerrand, the South African Mint produced a BU (Bullion Uncirculated) version of the silver Krugerrand. This coin came in a proof-like design and was certificated. It also came with a much higher price tag.

This time, in 2018, the 1-ounce Silver Krugerrand coin is purely a Bullion coin. It features the usual design and is made of 1 ounce of fine silver. It is striking in its simplicity and therefore represents a great way, and at a great price, of getting some silver bullion into your “stack”.

Future Value

We should point out - that as we are already half way through the 2018 year, and this is a very late release for this date of coin, there may be a value in keeping these coins for a few years. Although we are unable to confirm the exact mintage of this new bullion coin, we can hazard a guess that the 2019 coin will follow fairly soon.

We are already making orders from other World Mints for 2019 design coins to begin selling them in September. Therefore, the 2018 silver Krugerrand may have a limited production run, and like its forefather the 1967 and also the 1968 1-ounce gold Krugerrand, may fetch a significant premium over their metal value. So, it may be fair to assume that a premium for this silver bullion 2018 Krugerrand over the normal price of the silver content of the coin is highly likely.

Who knows? But it’s got to be worth putting a few in the collection.

Enjoy the new coin.


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