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This week has seen a major change in the outlook for March of next year. It is unusual at this point, some seven months out, to be able to point that far forward and to such a particular date. However, with the announcement from HM Government that there are papers issued with recommendations for a “No Deal Brexit” we must look forward and try and see what sort of affect this may have on the price direction of precious metals.

I know in these blogs I often mention exchange rates and the effects they have on the price of gold and silver, our favourite precious metals. Well, once again - and with even more emphasis - I would draw your attention to the quickly changing rate of GBP/USD.

The first ever one-ounce bullion coin was produced, in gold, by the South Africans in 1967. The Krugerrand was born. Since then, the Krugerrand has gone on to be the world’s best-selling gold coin of all time. More popular in some countries than others, it has however maintained its top place in any conversation about methods of investing in physical gold bullion. Before this you could only buy a one-ounce gold bar. No round version of a one-ounce gold coin existed.

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