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From the memory of times gone past and the benefit of 50 odd plus years of being here, bring thoughts of some funny moments. Things which stand out, some funny, some sad, and some brilliantly memorable for their simplicity and effect they have on you then and now.

What’s in a Name?   Johnny Cash’s song a “Boy named Sue” and Billy Connolly’s ditty about the streets of Glasgow being full of children called Elvis or Constantine, try to show us the importance of a name. Now while these are amusing, brilliantly written biopics on the lives of these two great writers, both show the significance that a name might have.

Gold is sought after not only for investment purposes, but also for jewellery, manufacturing, and as a standard of value all over the world. The price of gold fluctuates and most recently, the price of gold has broken £1,000 per ounce and appears to be staying that way. But what factors influence and drive the price of gold?

Round and Round the mulberry bush……………   Here we go again………   Paper paper mush mush   Gold remains the same!     Ah, the musings of a simple mind. Forgive the droll attempt at rhyming couplets, you don’t realise how difficult it is to get something to rhyme.

Having returned from a few days away with the family, so well overdue, I wanted to share the reading material that thoroughly engrossed my free time while my feet were in the sand.

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